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We offer bespoke investment opportunities depending on their risk-reward appetite. Options include guaranteed and secured fixed return investments, equity investments with greater returns, guaranteed unsecured loans for smaller amounts (with personal guarantees from directors and our business partners), full joint venture partnerships and any combination of the above.

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We can offer landowners complimentary development appraisals, an assisted sale scenario where we obtain planning on the site and help achieve maximum value for the land, or a full joint venture – where we’ll develop the site with the landowner as our development partner.

We have an in-house planning team, in-house financial appraisal capabilities and work with a number of tried and tested professionals outside of the company.

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Our relationships with intermediaries are hugely valued and are an integral component to the success of Qaratas, our investors and the intermediaries we work with. It is these lasting and trusted relationships which we have worked so hard to build upon, that help ensure continued success for all parties involved.

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